Time for Soireeing

I recently received 2 texts from a dying friend. Scratch that. A living friend:

Text 1:
Me, I want
As often
And as long as possible.
Given the unpredictable parameters,
Every day breakfast
With ideally us going out
And more likely
You bring some scrumptuous coffee over here.

Text 2:
I had to send that before my flaying hand blew it away.
More later?
Lunch. Here of course,
And brews, margaritas and nachos on our patio,
Some time for soireeing.
I want
To see you all the time possible.
More later
Love 💗 love 💕 love
More love love you

One response to “Time for Soireeing”

  1. Yes, there’s a lot of life in those lines.


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