No, Thank You

No, thank you.
I’m not interested.
Actually, I am interested.
What are you offering?
10 steps for better living?
12 steps to sobriety?
An eight-fold path to enlightenment?
Don’t mind if I do.

No, thank you.
I mean, I’m thankful for you, but I don’t need what you’re offering.
I’ve already got several of those already.
I got 17 pieces of advice already today,
Along with 5 book recommendations,
Not to mention 1,473 online ads based on my unique algorithmic equation.
I even got a few gentle reminders and one rather caustic scolding.
No, I don’t want any girl scout cookies.
I’ve eaten enough Samoas and Thin Mints for one lifetime,
Thank you very much.

No, thank you.
Or yes, thank you.
Thank you, no, yes, thank you, thank you very much.
I thank you for offering, but no, I choose not to receive whatever it is.
I don’t need it.
I have plenty.
But I do need you.
I need the you that is at the end of “No, thank you.”
I need the you so that I can be the I that says no.
Here we are in the field beyond distinctions,
Foxtails and all,
With the wind whipping up the dust all around us.
I don’t need what you have to give me,
And you don’t need what I have to give you.

No, thank you.
Let’s just be you and me,
Tussled hair and dusty smiles,
Here where there is nothing left to give and receive,
Just a wide open space where all is already given and received.
Thank you. No, thank you. Yes, thank you. Yes.

One response to “No, Thank You”

  1. I guess I am one of the guilty in this regard: always sending you stuff to read or watch! But. . . I find you are about they only one with a likely interest, so. . .


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