I Forgot

I forgot
To close the garage door
That Mother’s Day doesn’t really work in our house
That I like to tinker with things and tidy them up
I don’t know what I forgot
I forgot to forget
I forgot what I’m writing about
I forgot to lose control
To lose myself
To loose myself

I forgot to remain present in this moment
No, this one
No, this one
I forgot to forget the things I told myself to forget
The broken word I cannot fix
The way I feel when I fail
The letting go that I still clutch tightly
Convincing myself it is no longer there

I forgot how it feels to be free
The feeling you get on the swings
When you swing forward
Reaching the maximum height
And then for a moment you fall backwards and down
Dying for just a split second
Until you reach the lowest point and realize
No, I’m still alive

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