You Need to Know This

Burnt trees and their shadows near Calistoga

That you are infinitely held.
That with all the voices jockeying for postion to talk you out of who you are,
This one matters most,
The voice underneath, beyond, and inclusive of the rest, saying,
“You are loved as you are, exactly as you are.”

There is nothing to prove.
There is no deed to perform.
There is no one to impress, and that includes yourself.

“Before you were born, I knew you,” the voice says.
While you were pre-cognitive,
While you were pre-lingual,
While you were blissed out in a field of no distinctions,
One with mother,
You saw the world face-to-face,
The way God sees you now.

Steeped in your created and gifted essence,
The demands of culture and economy and politics and family mores
Don’t come close to touching the belovedness that is you,
The beauty that is you,
The bountiful ball of love that is your unique presence on the Earth.

You are a miracle of miracles,
Not because of any achievement,
But because that is the essence of who you are,
Not only to God but to all whom you encounter.
Don’t despair if they can’t see it, can’t accept it, can’t name it.
See it for yourself.
Accept it in yourself.
Name it of yourself.
All that is necessary will follow,
As you learn to love yourself and your neighbor,
The way that God has loved you from the very beginning.

6 responses to “You Need to Know This”

  1. Just. So. Incredible. Your writing.. You. Me. ALL.

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  2. This follows beautifully on our Lenten book study of “Good Enough” by Kate Bowler. . . I am enough, you are enough, because our creator gave us that gift of Enough. If only we could all regard each other as God regards us!

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  3. warren brisbin Avatar
    warren brisbin

    This can’t be said enough…this must be felt at ones core illustrated in Man of La Mancha..where she Don Quixote calls Aldonza a lady till she starts to believe it.

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  4. Pastor Roger Butts Avatar
    Pastor Roger Butts

    beautiful. beautiful. keep writing. keep writing.


  5. This is really good. Reminds me a little of Psalm 139, my favorite one… (not that I’ve read them all!) I like the final paragraph best. “All that is necessary will follow…” I’ve learned the truth in that as I’ve grown up spiritually.

    The more I can see myself as God does, the more I can see others in His light also, and vice versa. Thanks for sharing your writing.

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  6. My consciousness awakened to love, again and again. This brings balance to the anxieties of survival, and success. Blessings and blessed.

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