Sex Outside My Door

California Poppies, Helen Putnam Regional Park, 3.8.2022

I walked out my front door yesterday
And the scent of sex clapped me full in the face
I looked around to spy the source
Half-expecting a cassanova crouching in the bushes
All I found was a shrub
Covered with pink coquettes
‘Looking for a good time?’ it asked me
‘Uh, maybe,’ I said
‘Well buzz on over here and give us some sugar,” it replied
‘I don’t buzz,’ I said
‘Then move along, buddy’
I decided not to argue nor to beg

On the sidewalk I almost collided with airborne sex
It came so close I had to duck
Two shiny blue blobs conjoined and humming at 50 beats per second
‘Excuse me,’ I said, but only discerned the softest moan in reply

Crossing the street I saw sex everywhere
Lizards in mutual pursuit
Shameless stamens and pouty pistils and winsome wasps
All throwing themselves at each other
Meanwhile, there in the East was the sultry moon
Half-undressed in the middle of the day

Wandering home I wondered what to do with my restless self
So in love with the world
So filled with desire
For all that lies just outside my door

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