While Still So Much of the World Works

While still so much of the world works,
While Piner Creek still giggles as it flows,
While the coastal oak guards its leaves and the valley oak gives them away,
While the hooded merganser and her mate return to this brook bend again this year,
Let us not fail to love that which asks nothing from us but close attention.

Do you hunt? He wears a camo fleece and matching cap.
Nope. Where is this going?
Look at this bobcat! He pulls out his phone and shows me the unmistakable jack-rabbit haunches.
You’ll never guess what I saw last week about a quarter mile down.
I look my wonderment at him.
A steelhead! It made its way up from the ocean!
Then he shows me with his hands – it was yea big – and I can see that still so much of the world works.

While still so much of the world works –
Unlike the days of Noah,
When even God had had enough,
When there was not one kind human to be found –
Today kindnesses are everywhere, if you know where to look,
Though news of them gains little advertisement.

So let us advertise this:
While still so much of the world works,
We who are in and of the world,
Will look for all the kindnesses, naming them out loud to each other,
As we tread ever so softly upon all that we love, and that loves us in return.

Audio: “While Still So Much of the World Works”

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