To Fall Like It Fell

Live Oak on the Canyon Trail, Shiloh Ranch Regional Park

I want to be like this tree
This live oak here in this canyon
I want to fall like it fell
To be caught by the same soft ground

Toppled, it sees the world anew, from below
It has new friends with new needs
A lizard seeking refuge
A pill bug licking its pill bug lips
Waiting for the tree to die and return
To the lovely loam from which it once emerged

I want to look the lizard in the eye and stop the bug mid-lick
And reach up once, twice, three times
With new limbs, rising from my fallen self, still alive

Audio: “To Fall Like It Fell”

One response to “To Fall Like It Fell”

  1. If only we could all be gently caught when we fall. . .


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